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Terms of service

Last modified on 14September 2020


Please read these termsof use (“Agreement”) carefully before using the services offered by BeseyeCloud Security Co., Ltd. (“Beseye,” “we,” “us,” “our”). By visiting Beseye’swebsite or using the services in any manner, an individual who accesses thiswebsite or has any service through this website(“you”) agree that you have readand agree to be bound by and are a party to the terms and conditions (includingBeseye’s privacy policy, which is hereby incorporated by reference) of thisagreement to the exclusion of all other terms. Beseye reserves the right toadd, delete, modify and change Agreement. If you continue to use this website,it’s deemed you have agreed to the provisions of Agreement and the update of Agreement.If the terms of this agreement are considered an offer, acceptance is expresslylimited to such terms. If you do not unconditionally agree to all the terms andconditions of this agreement, you have no right to use the website or services.Use of Beseye’s services is expressly conditioned upon your assent to all theterms and conditions of this Agreement, to the exclusion of all other terms.




The www. beseye.comwebsite, mobile application, and any other linked pages, features, content, orapplication services offered by Beseye in connection therewith (collectively,the “Website”) are owned and operated by Beseye. Subject to the terms andconditions of this Agreement, we may offer to provide certain services, asdescribed more fully on the Website, and that have been selected by you(together with the Website, the “Services”), solely for your own use, and notfor the use or benefit of any third party. The term “Services” including butnot limited to using of the Website (including in connection with Beseye’shardware products), any service we perform for you, and the Content (as definedbelow) offered by us on the Website. We may change, suspend or terminate theServices at any time, including the availability of any feature, database, orContent. We may also limit on certain features and services or restrict youraccess to parts or all of the Services without notice or liability. You shall onlyuse the Services and the products(“Product”)  for your own personal, non-commercial use, andnot for the use or benefit of any third party, and only in a manner thatcomplies with all laws that apply to you. If your use is prohibited byapplicable laws, then you aren’t authorized to use the Services. We won’t beresponsible for your using in a way that breaks the law. You may only use theProduct in connection with the Services, and for no other use. Any softwarecomponent embodied in the Product is licensed to you, not exclusive license norownership. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to modify thisAgreement at any time by posting a notice on the Website, by sending you anotice via email or postal mail, or by some other appropriate means. You shallbe responsible for reviewing and knowing any such modifications. If you don’tagree with the new Agreement, you are free to reject it; however, if you doreject the new Agreement, you will no longer be able to use the Services. Youruse after receiving such notification constitutes your acceptance of the termsand conditions of this Agreement as modified.



You represent andwarrant to us that: (i) you are of legal age to form a binding contract; (ii)all registration information you submit is accurate and truthful; and (iii) youwill maintain the accuracy of such information. You also certify that you arelegally permitted to use and access the Services. This Agreement is void thatprohibited by law, and the right to access the Services is revoked in suchjurisdictions.




The Website, theServices, and their contents are intended solely for the personal use ofServices users and may only be used in accordance with the terms of thisAgreement. All materials displayed or performed on the Services (including, butnot limited to text, graphics, articles, photographs, images, illustrations (alsoknown as the “Content”) are protected by copyright and the ownership, license orother related rights are belong to Beseye. The Copyright Act, Patent Act,Trademark Act, Trade Secrets Act, related laws of Taiwan, R.O.C. govern theContent.


Except be expresslystipulated this Agreement, you must not reproduce, adaptation, distribution, public release, public recitation, publicbroadcast, public presentation, public performance, public transmission, publicdisplay, arrange, rent, infringe Beseye's intellectual property in any way without Beseye’s priorwritten consent. If you want use Beseye’s Product or Services:

1.       Youmust not remove the mark of ownership or copyright;

2.       Onlyfor personal use and must not reproduce or post the Contenton any media;

3.       Mustnot alter or adapt any Content;

4.       Mustnot make any additional statements or guarantees to the Content.


Other than your UserSubmissions (as defined below), you may download or copy the Content (and otheritems displayed on the Website or Services for download) for personal use only.You must not store any portion of any Content (other than your UserSubmissions) in any form. Copying or storing of any Content (other than yourUser Submissions) other than for personal use is expressly prohibited withoutprior written permission from Beseye or from the copyright holder identified insuch Content’s copyright notice.


In the course of usingthe Services, you and other users may provide us with information, which we mayuse in connection with the Services and which may be visible to certain otherusers. For example, the Service allows you to upload or post video content, andmay permit you to post feedback, comments, questions, or other information onthe Website or otherwise providing content, materials or information to Beseyeor in connection with the Services (collectively, “User Submissions”). Youhereby grant us with a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual,irrevocable, sublicenseable and transferable right to exploit such User Submissions(including all related intellectual property rights) solely in connection withproviding you the Services and as directed by you. You also hereby do and shallgrant each user of the Services a non-exclusive license to access and use yourUser Submissions through the Services and as permitted through thefunctionality of the Services and under this Agreement. Furthermore, youunderstand that we retain the right to reformat, modify, create derivativeworks of, excerpt, and translate any User Submissions submitted by you. Forclarity, the foregoing license grant to Beseye does not affect your ownershipof or right to grant additional licenses to the material in your UserSubmissions, unless otherwise agreed in writing. We will only share your personallyidentifiable information in accordance with our Privacy Policy located at


You understand that allinformation publicly posted or privately transmitted through the Services isthe sole responsibility of the person from which such content originated andthat Beseye will not be liable for any errors or omissions in any content. Youunderstand that Beseye cannot guarantee the identity of any other users withwhom you may interact in the course of using the Services. Additionally, wecannot guarantee the authenticity of any data that users or merchants mayprovide about themselves. You acknowledge that all Content accessed by youusing the Services is at your own risk and you will be solely responsible forany damage or loss to any party resulting therefrom. We cannot control and haveno duty to take any action regarding how you may interpret and use the Contentor what actions you may take as a result of having been exposed to the Content,and you hereby release us from all liability for you having acquired or notacquired Content through the Services..


Under no circumstanceswill Beseye be liable in any way for any Content, including, but not limitedto, any errors or omissions in any Content, or any loss or damage of any kindincurred in connection with use of or exposure to any Content posted, emailed,accessed, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the Services.



This Website may includecommunity functions, such as online customer service, forum, etc., to contact people.

1.       Youagree that don’t use this Website to release, transmit, receive anyinappropriate information or data without relevance od this Website;

2.       Youmust not interfere with Beseye's system or abuse this website with computerprograms or other electromagnetic means;

3.       Youare not allowed to enter another person's account password, crack theprotective measures of the computer, or use the loopholes of the computersystem to access any information related to this Website on any server,computer or database;

4.       Youmust not probe, scan or test the weaknesses of this Website and any networkconnected to this Website;

5.       Youmust not use this Website or the Content in violation of this Agreement,illegal purposes, instigate or solicit others to infringe Beseye or the rightsof others.

If you violate thisAgreement, Beseye may report to relevant law enforcement agencies.




Certain aspects of theServices may be provided for a fee. You shall pay all applicable fees, asdescribed on the Website in connection with such Services selected by you.Beseye reserves the right to change its price list and to institute new chargesat any time, upon notice to you, which may be sent by email or posted on theWebsite. Beseye does not provide price guarantees or refunds in the above case.Your use of the Services following such notification constitutes youracceptance of any new or increased charges.



Beseye accepts paymentthrough the current payment method specified before purchase. The paymentmethod is any payment method that we open to you, including third-partyservices specified on this website (for example banking, cash flow, etc.). Beseyemay charge your credit card deductions or other payment methods based on theprices listed in the relevant paid service quotations, together with anyrelevant applicable taxes, bank charges and currency fluctuations. If you havepurchased any auto-extending subscription, you agree that Beseye will use thepayment method filed on the first day of each billing period of the relevantsubscription, and the seven-day appreciation period is not applicable. When usingthis Services, the information you provided is incorrect, such as theexpiration of the credit card validity period or other similar reasons, leadthat Beseye cannot charge you during the next bill issuance period, Beseyereserves the right to immediately cancel your ordered Services until you updatethe payment method. If you fail to update your payment method within areasonable time, Beseye may cancel your subscription. If the verificationcannot be completed or notified you immediately due to system, networkconnection or other force majeure factors generated by third-party services,Beseye not be liable for any related damages and any accompanying or derivativeliabilities.



If Beseye must pay anytaxes due to your purchase or use of fee-based Services, such taxes will becollected from you every time you purchase or use the fee-based Services. Inaddition, if required by law, you are responsible for returning and paying anytax arising from your purchase or use of the Services. The above may be anyrelated fine or interest in the country you purchase in, including duties,customs or other taxes, except for income tax.


Cancel Subscription:

If you subscribe to theautomatically extended fee-based Service, you can cancel the subscriptionbefore the end of the current billing period. For how to cancel, please referto the cancellation instructions of Beseye Support Services. The cancellationwill take effect from the next billing period. During the period from yourcancellation until the beginning of the next billing, you still have the rightto access the service, but you are not allowed to apply for a refund or balanceof your account for any remaining days in the current billing period.



The fee-based Servicesis limited to personal and non-commercial purposes. Even if the fee is notcharged, the whole or any part of the Service must not be used for any publicationwithout Beseye’s consent except do not constitute copyright infringement. TheService is a non-exclusive license, all rights and benefits of the Servicesincluding any content provided through the fee-based services not expresslygranted to you in the terms of this Agreement are reserved by Beseye and otherlicensors. If you violate any terms of the Agreement, Beseye may terminate youraccess to the fee-based Service and your Beseye account without notice, and norefund.


If there is a conflictbetween this Agreement and the content of this Website, the latter announcementwill take precedence of the others. If you have already purchased our productsand have questions about product return and warranty, please contact customerservice on the following official website:




As a condition to usingthe Product or some aspects of the Services, you may be required to registerwith Beseye and select a password and user name (“Beseye User ID”). You shallprovide us with accurate, complete, and updated registration information. Wereserve the right to refuse registration of or cancel a Beseye User ID in itsdiscretion. You must maintain the confidentiality of your password. We suggest usinga password that is not easy to crack, for example a combination of uppercase, lowercaseletters, numbers, and symbols. You must keep your password properly to preventothers from embezzling it. If your account is used without consent or thesecurity is in danger, you must notify Beseye immediately. If you allow othersto use your account and cause damage to Beseye or other users and visitors, youare liable for the damage. If you are not the owner of this account, please donot use this account. If any violation causes damage, you must be liable forcompensation to Beseye and the owner of the account.




The privacy policy ofBeseye is a part of this Agreement and applies to the use of Website. To viewBeseye's Privacy Policy, please click here.Your acceptance of thisAgreement constitutes your acceptance and agreement to be bound by Beseye’sPrivacy Policy. Beseye will properly keep your personal information according tothe law and you have the right to update, modify, and delete your personalinformation. The personal information collected by Beseye through this Websitecan be processed and used by Beseye or service providers in Taiwan or othercountries where it operates. Beseye suggests avoding arbitrarily sharing,sending or posting confidential personal information.


Link to other websitesand Beseye websites: This website may link to other third-party websites orreferral to other websites operated by third-party suppliers("third-partywebsites"). Beseye provides third-party websites only for the convenienceof customers and does not operate or control such websites. For thesethird-party websites, Beseye does not need to review, approve, supervise,recognize, guarantee, or bear related responsibilities. You have toindependently determine whether to use third-party websites on your own risk.Beseye is not liable for any damages, collateral or derivative liabilities, includingbut not limited to device damage, deletion or alteration of data and content,arising from your use or download of any materials on third-party websites.




Beseye strives todisplay the latest Sservices and Product but does not guarantee that itsservices are free from any defects, nor does it guarantee that all defects willbe corrected immediately. Beseye provides guarantees for Productsor Services in accordance with the Civil Law, Consumer Protection Act and otherrelevant acts.  Other risks of qualitysatisfaction, efficiency, availability, accuracy and results are not covered byBeseye's guarantee. This Website may change its content from time to timewithout notice. If you have any comments, please let Beseye know and we willtry our best to improve it.


Beseye may do thefollowing at any time without notice:

(1) Modify, suspend,terminate all or part of the opening or operation of this Website;

(2) Modify, change allor part of the policies or content of this Website;

(3) For regular orirregular maintenance, correction of errors, or other changes, all or part ofthe operation of this Website will be interrupted.


If you continue to usethis Website after the new version of the terms take effect, you are deemed tohave accepted the updated version of the terms. If you do not agree to anyupdated version, you may terminate the user account and stop using this Website,but you must not request a refund from Beseye.




Liability for Serviceinterruption: Our goal is to provide reliable and high-performance Services,but we do not guarantee 100% reliability and efficiency at all times. If the Servicesare interrupted or malfunctioned due to external forces and are not controlledby Beseye, including but not limited to the intermittent Wi-Fi, the normalservice time of the service provider, the notification of mobile devices, etc.,Beseye has no responsibility for such damage.


Emergency: Whether usingthe Products and Services alone or in connection with products and services of third-party,Beseye does not provide emergency response and handling. TheProducts and Services are not a notification system for emergency monitoring,and Beseye has no obligation to dispatch emergency rescue. Beseye does notguarantee that the use of Products and Services will affect or improve safety.In addition, Beseye customer support cannot provide emergency rescue services.If there is any emergency, you must directly seek other service agencies.


Reliability ofnotification: Beseye's services are not 100% reliable and efficient. We do notguarantee that you will receive notifications at a specific time or at alltimes. You agree not to rely on this Product and Service for any criticalpurposes. Cellular notification is for the purpose of providinginformation based on the status of your product and alarm settings, but it doesnot replace the notification system of third-party emergency monitoring. Beseyemay issue abnormal notices in emergencies, but Beseye cannot provide specificinformation related to your home or other places. You must respond to theemergency by yourself.


Temporary termination: Dueto safety considerations, system failures, maintenance and repairs, or othercircumstances, Beseye may temporarily terminate the Services provided withoutprior notice. The risk of the aforementioned temporary termination isborne by you, and Beseye does not guarantee the operation time of the Productand Service.


The requirements of system:

To use the Services, thefollowing conditions must be met: (1) An operational and sustainable Wi-Finetwork or network in order to connect to this Product and Service; (2) A setof account; (3) Mobile devices, Such as mobile phones or tablets with specificfunctions; (4) Other system components designated by Beseye. We remind that: Ifthe system requirements are not met, the service may not operate normally.




Except in accordancewith the contract, related laws and regulations, Beseyel is not liable for anypunitive liquidated damages, direct or indirect damages, and any collateral orderivative liabilities, including the loss of benefits related to Services andProducts.


If any third party usesthis Website or Service to upload, publish, transmit etc., provide any usercontent due to your deliberate or negligent use of your account, cause thethird party’s rights are infringed and seek compensation from Beseye, therelated costs including but not limited to fines, legal fees and related litigationcosts will be borne by you.


If you violate thisAgreement, cause damage or interference to the rights of Beseye and other usersof this website, you shall be liable for damages including but not limited to fines,legal fees and related litigation costs. If there is any violation of the law,Beseye may report to the relevant law enforcement unit, and cooperate with therelevant unit to prevent the illegality. If in accordance withthe Personal Data Protection Act, relevant laws and regulations, Beseye has theobligation to disclose your personal information, then Beseye has to discloseit. If your violation of this Agreement is found to be illegal, Beseye willhave to stop your right to use this Website.


Beseye may providerelevant information within the scope of investigation by the competentauthority in accordance with legal regulations or government requirements. IfBeseye learns that you may be involved in any violation of this Agreement,Beseye may take relevant legal actions. If you terminate the Service due toyour violation of this Agreement or relevant laws and regulations, Beseye notbe liable for compensation and any collateral or derivativeliabilities to you or any third party.




Regardless of thecountry or region where you live, all disputes arising from your access to oruse of this Website are governed by the laws of Taiwan, Republic of China. Alldisputes shall be resolved through negotiation in good faith and with everyeffort. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation within areasonable period (not more than 30 days), either party may submit the disputeto mediation. All disputes must be resolved through negotiation in good faithand with every effort. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiationwithin a reasonable period, not more than 30 days, either party may submit thedispute to mediation. If the mediation fails, the Taipei District Court ofTaiwan must have exclusive jurisdiction of first instance jurisdiction,excluding the jurisdiction of other countries and courts.




Although this Websitecan be accessed by links from all over the world, not all Products on this Websiteor the discussed,recommended of the products and services provided through this Website can beopened to all people everywhere to buy, use, or be suitable and available useabroad. Beseye may limit the quantity of Products and Services it provides tocustomers anywhere. If you choose to link to this Website from outside Taiwan,you must abide by local and Taiwan applicable laws.




You must not use, exportor re-export, copy, or quote any content of this Website without Beseye’sconsent, regulations of Taiwan or any other country, and this Agreement. Youare liable for the above compensation.


If one part of thisAgreement is deemed invalid by the court, it will not affect the validity ofother terms.


The content of thisAgreement is part of the contract between you and Beseye. If there is anydifference from other written, oral agreements or previous consensus, thisAgreement prevail.




Beseye may use theinformation within the legal restrictions on your public response on thiswebsite. Beseye may notify you in any form including announcements on this Website,email or mail to your contact address. If your email address and mailingaddress are changed, you must update them immediately and check theannouncements on this Website at any time.




Except for the personalinformation of the user, the copyright of all Content on this Website belongsto Beseye or its suppliers. The content of this Website is protected bycopyright and other intellectual property laws and regulations. Beseye or itssuppliers own the ownership, copyright and other intellectual property rightsof this Website, Content, feedback and any software including any updates andupgrades downloaded to your device through this Website. Thename and drawings of Beseye and names of other Beseye Product and Servicesrelated to this Website are trademarks or goodwill of Beseye.


Other company names, productnames, service names, trademarks and goodwill mentioned in this Website maybelong to their respective owners.


The information on thisWebsite may be changed at any time without notice.


Copyright © 2013-2020 Beseye Cloud Security Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

Beseye Cloud Security Co., Ltd.

8F., No.554, Linsen N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., 

Taipei City 10453, Taiwan (R.O.C)


This Agreement was lastupdated by Beseye's legal department: _____, 2020